Monday, October 20, 2014

Ang Bawat Kautusan ay may Dahilan

Hi mommy!
    Can you believe I have been in Narvacan for almost a month now! The time is really flying by and I think it's going so fast I can't even remember what is of worth to share! I will try bullet points this week.
     1. We had exchanges again and I got to make some Baguio Mission history by being the first foreigner sister to work in Bangued! It wasn't as climactic as you would imagine though haha. It felt like same wonderful Philippines just a lot more Ilokano (I really need to learn it :/) and some other new dialects I had never heard of until this week! We got to teach an almost def woman, a blind man who gives massages for a living, and worked with a very nice man named Brother Ben who gave me a ton of buko (coconuts) and pumelo (like grapefruit but delicious) to take home! He is so nice! In the box that had the pumelo there was another box wrapped in christmas gift wrap that had a towel in it! Hahaha I don't know why he gave me a towel, but how nice is that??
     2. We had stake conference this week. We had really beautiful meetings on both Saturday and Sunday but it was once again at the stake center in Candon just like general conference kaya (so) it was a tough time trying to get investigators to come. Most of our investigators actually haven't even come to church yet. But the kind of cool thing about these last weeks being in Candon, they are more willing to come this week now that it will just be at Limansangan, a much closer chapel. So I hope to be able to report better news concerning church attendance next week! But we still had a couple of less actives attend stake conference including a really great family named the Rosete family. Sister Perez and I took a selfie with Pepsi their 2nd daughter that I will send :)
     3. The title of the email this week is ang bawat kautusan ay may dahilan. It means that there is a reason for every commandment. This seemed to be a theme this week. As Sister Perez and I went from place to place teaching our investigators and less actives essential doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I found myself bearing such heartfelt testimony of how our Heavenly Father lives. And He is so ridiculously all knowing that we cannot afford to allow ourselves to begin to think that some commandments aren't so important anymore. Either they aren't relevant, or they don't need to be done every day, or the many other ideas that the adversary puts into our minds to try to take us dahan dahang (little by little) off the straight and narrow path. Since this was what was so strongly impressed on me to share with all those that we visited this week, I also share my testimony with you. I know that our Father in Heaven lives. I know that He knows us inside and out and everything we are given in life, each trial, each blessing, and each commament that we are given, is really meant for us. We don't need to try to push them over to someone else, and we don't need to question why we are given what we are given. But instead we can understand that it is meant for us, and there is something for us to learn or gain from it.
     I love you all so much and I am sorry this week's email is a little short. But I have some pictures to send as well! Love you all! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Sawada


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