Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey Everyone!
     This has been a crazy week! It was transfer week and Sister Perez and I weren't really thinking much about it. We felt that we would both stay together for another transfer. But I was surprisingly transferred out of Narvacan :( It was a decision that President decided would be best for my progression as a missionary. He was worried that being in such an Ilokano condensed area was a little too overwhelming for me. It's true I was feeling quite overwhelmed, but I wasn't a big fan of the idea of just giving up so quickly. But on Tuesday of last week, President and Sister Balledos came and visited our zone at district meeting. President pulled me aside and let me know that he would be transferring me. Considering the fact that he took the time out to let me know personally that I would be leaving earlier than expected, I could feel that he had taken time to decide whether this was the right thing or not. He is really an inspired man and I am blessed to be able to follow his direction!
      So where am I now? I am now serving in the Bauang (baWANG) zone in the Bauang area! My companion is Sister Aroa! She was the follow up trainer of Sister Bangerter and then my housemate in Baguio for a transfer I may have sent pictures of her before when Sister Quiban was my companion and her companion was my lola Sister Latimer. We don't have a recent picture together yet. Too busy! But I have always considered her to be one of the sweetest and most talented missionaries in the mission! And I get to be her companion? I really don't know how I get so lucky with these things. It makes me worried that I am the difficult/struggling companion sometimes...haha. She is from Bulacan which is also where Sister Galera is from. They were in the same stake! We are serving in the Bauang Branch. It's my first time in a branch and not a ward but I am not sure what the difference really is. Coming here, this branch has some of the strongest members I have met yet on the mission! It was great because my first weekend here, we already had a one day mission with the ward. I am not sure if Kailua has ever tried this but once a month here, they have a day where the ward members and missionaries go out to visit less actives. We choose focus areas and names and go out and do work. It is such a great thing ESPECIALLY with enthusiastic members like the ones here in Bauang. Not only were we able to visit 21 less active homes but we also received some referrals for possible investigators. It was a great success.
      When I first came to the area Sister Aroa challenged me to pick out or guess who the branch president is. I took the challenge and failed haha. I guessed almost every male who was at the one day mission before I guessed him. I can't wait to show you a picture of him because he looks like a youth! He also has the greatest sense of humor ever and the cutest family. The branch really feeds well off of his young and light attitude. He and his wife met when he was on his mission! They are so great. He refers to her as "first lady" haha because she is the wife of the president. Well I wish there was more I could share but things are all still so new! My fellow Branch missionaries are Elder Alejandro and Harris. They are also the Zone leaders. Elder Harris is a new zone leader and is really shy but I sense him coming out of his shell soon haha. I can't remember if I have talked about Elder Alejandro before. I call him my uncle because he is in Sister Taner's batch and he was the companion of Elder Ete when Elder Ete was my first district leader. We have been together for most of my mission! So it's nice to have a familiar missionary around. Our zone is really new so I don't know many of them yet. Most companionships have someone in training or just out of training. Then there is Elder Manning who is follow up training Elder Dasalla. My housemates are Sister Bircher and Lomibao. This is the last transfer of Sister Bircher's mission and she is finishing training Sister Lomibao. I will send pictures as soon as possible of everyone! But for now I have some pictures of things that happened this week. Mostly the sad and unexpected goodbyes in Narvacan :(


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