Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nagulat ba Kayo?

Hi hi everyone!
    Sorry if any of you were surprised/worried that I didn't email at the usual time yesterday. Nagulat ba kayo? or Were you surprise? Well there was a group of us that had to go down to Manila to get fingerprints done for some paperwork. A long drive just to dip my finger in some ink right? haha but it had to get done I guess. It was pretty fun going to Manila! Weird to be outside of the boundaries of the familiar Baguio Mission. Manila is actually very similar to the roads in Honolulu especially around Ala Moana area. There are also a lot more American things in Manila so we got to eat lunch at Taco Bell and got dessert at Krispy Kreme! Haha it was fun but it was tiring. We left on Sunday night and arrived Monday morning. The bus ride is about 6 -7 hours. I arrived back in Bauang Monday night just in time for our weekly FHE with the Belmonte family :) but I gotta admit I was pretty out of it and very happy to get home and get a full 8 hours of sleep once again in the comfort of a bed. Also I am just gonna have to send off a quick message today because we gotta get to our work.
    This was a pretty tough week concerning the work. We had MLC and district conference that interfered with our proselyting time but we still worked our hardest. Although the week wasn't as smooth as usual, this week I felt especially fed spiritually. We had our MLC where I actually technically don't belong because I am not STL anymore haha but President was nice enough to invite me to attend this one. I just love hearing the workshops/insights from our President and his assistants. They are focusing us on our teaching. The quality of our teaching and our ability to really find people concerns and use the doctrines of this gospel to help them to change. That is what this gospel is all about. When we tell people they need to change they may be offended. But we all can change for the better.
    President also gave a wonderful on Saturday night and then on Sunday in our Bauang District Conference. I wish I could share more about it but all I can say is that he is truly inspired of God and we can feel His love for us when President is speaking to us. I am sorry this is all I will share for this week. Just know that I am doing great and I am so grateful for all of your emails! Of course from you mommy and then thanks to Daniel and Mika for your advice and things and Ayo I am excited to read yours later on tonight. Okay love you all! Bye!!!
- Sister Sawada

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