Friday, September 27, 2013

Picture time!

Here are Elder Sagario and I on his last Sunday! I'm not really smiling. So embarrassing haha.

These Elders...they are from the district that is two weeks older than us. They are cray. Oh and that is Elder Loitz in the suitcoat. They were striking those poses for no camera. That's just how they were sitting so I asked if they wanted their picture taken and they said yes with no hesitation haha.

I saw Sister Lopez! She was one of my roommates freshman year. She is going to Brazil!
 I also saw Elder Davis! He is the Whiting's cousin! Could you send this picture to the Whitings? I think he is going to Thailand.

I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures with Sister Char yet! We have class like a couple doors away from each other but we got a pic at the temple :)
 This is Elder Clark! You guys remember my friends Jared and Gabe from freshman year? This is Gabe! Such an awesome surprise because he was supposed to go to the brazil mtc but his visa hadn't gone through yet.
This is the district! I just wanted to send a better picture. Hopefully you can see us a little better!

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