Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pictures, pictures, pictures

So the first one is of my mga kasama. Sister Bangerter and Sister Anien and I at the temple on our pday. It was Sister Anien's first time! In the Marshall Islands their temple is technically the Laie Temple. So she didn't have the opportunity to get her endowments taken out before she got here. Crazy huh? I thought the 45 minute drive was long. But anyway, Sister Bangerter and I got to be her escorts! Such a cool experience that I will cherish forever.

The second picture is Elder Loitz. The life/deadness of the classroom hahaha he is either super energetic or dead to the world. This was one of his more dead times. After the devotional on Tuesday night our branch president and his wife came in and asked us to bear our testimonies about what we learned tonight. Elder Loitz's was about how he has really struggled being here in the MTC but the words tonight made him realize why he was there. These were his words to the best of my memory "I know this gospel is true. I wouldn't be here if it weren't. I love my family way too much to do that." It made us all cry pretty much. Such a sweet and simple testimony. But you could tell it was coming from the heart.

So this first one is of my district outside of the temple on our temple walk that we have each sunday. From left to right on the top is Elder Waldron our district leader. Then his companion Elder Loitz. Then Elder Rujke. Pretty cool to think that people from all over the world are gathering here to move the work forward. Dude I'm so cheesy but it's true! Then there is Elder Rasmussen who is amazing at the piano! I am going to audition to sing a musical number in some meeting here and he looked at He'll Carry You and pretty much played it right then like it was nothing. He's awesome.
Then there is Sister Lowham, Bangerter, Me, Tapusoa and Anien

The second picture is kind of blurry and creepy! But it's me and Sister Carlile! I didn't see her for the first like 3 or 4 days and now we see each other all the time! It makes me happy

So this first picture is Elder Loitz's language book. He can't pay attention for too long so he doodles, and then he makes them somehow connect to the phrase he is trying to memorize. Not sure if its the most effective way, but it keeps him occupied which is important hahaha. He's such a character.

Then the second one is a picture of what Elder Waldron drew when he was really bored one day. It's the philippines with all of our missions divided up and such. Pretty fun huh?
hahaha so this first picture is of Sister Tapusoa and I. She hates getting pictures taken of herself but I told her I had to show my family how we are best friends. So this is our best friends picture. We look super happy together right? hahah

And then another picture of my and my mga kasama. In case you wanted more hah


Had to show you guys my notes because I work so hard on them and they are pretty dang beautiful. Gotten tons of compliments on them. Nbd.

And then some more of Elder Waldron and Loitz. And Sister Bangerter with the photobomb haha. I tried to get one of Rasmussen and Rujke close up but Rujke doesnt like pictures haha. Okay this is the end of the pictures! Love you guys! Hope you like them! I hope to hear from you soon! If you can, dear elder me so that I can read from you guys and then respond here! okay ingat!


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