Monday, April 14, 2014

A Whole New World

Hello sa inyong lahat!
    Before I start! I am so so sooo sorry this has taken me so long but Happy Birthday Obaachan! Happy Birthday Ayo! I hope you know that I totally recognized both of your birthdays here. My journal entries on March 15 and April 2 are all about you and how amazing you are! But I realized the other night before I was going to sleep that I never communicated it to you! So please know that I love you both so much. You have both played a huge role in my life and in the reason that I can be here now preaching of the joy the gospel brings to familes because the memories I have with you are some of the happiest I have had or will ever have. Also, thank you so much mommy and family for the package! Getting those pictures was so great and made me sooo happy. But don't feel like you need to send any more packages! Emails are totally great and they are free! :) Also, I have figured out how to print out pictures that you send to me through email yayyy. And they announced that if packages are sent to us through fed-ex there's going to be a large amount of money charged to us that we will have to pay with our personal money. So thank you for them but emails are more than great :)
    Sige! Well transfers were this weak and drum roll....I am now in Baguio! Goodness gracious what a different world I am in now. Baguio is in the mountains, as in high mountains, as in it doesn't get warmer than about 70 up here. I was so swerte (lucky) to be assigned in the low lands during christmas time because up here it was around 40s! And now that it's scorching hot in the low lands, I am up here where it's in the 60s and 70s. How did I get so lucky? Although saying goodbye to San Juan was really tough, I am working my hardest to adjust quickly to this very new very different area in order to not waste any of the time the Lord has given me to serve here. 
    Sorry this is going to be a short email because to be honest I have been using my email time to try to email the people from my first area to see how everything is going down there haha. It's really hard to spend 6 months gaining relationships with people and everything and then just leaving them! But I hope to have updates for you next week about this new area! As I come to know it better.
     Before I go I want to share some thoughts from Conference! So we got to watch conference this weekend! We watch it a weekend late but it was a really nice way to start my time in this new area. I sensed a overall theme this Conference of TRUE Christlike discipleship, or in other words, becoming like Jesus Christ in this life, right now. The speakers this conference also seemed to hint at the key to becoming like Christ is love. I could not agree more with this. As President Monson said, the essence of the gospel is love, and Christ is our exemplar. I can apply this to my life right at this moment because although my companion is different, and the people I am visiting are different, although my leaders are now different, the gospel is the same. And if the essence of this gospel is love. All I need to do is love them as Christ loves them. And I can be successful. I truly believe this to be true and I hope that I can write to you all next week with the good news that I am successfully adjusting to my assignment here in Baguio and loving others as Christ loves them. I hope that you all can be applying the things that you learned this conference as well.
     I love you all so much! I am excited to share more about Baguio next week! For now just know that I know that God has a plan for every one of us and in each part of His plan, there is something we must learn. Let's search for these things and learn them so that we can progress and improve and become the people our Heavenly Father would have us be. Until next week!
Sister Sawada

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