Thursday, September 18, 2014

24/7 Missionary

Hello Family!
   Sorry this is going to be a short email. Today has been quite a crazy day! I am not sure how much the news is talking about it in America, but a typhoon has hit the Philippines and for the first time it is pretty close to us! We are lucky to be safe and our area has not much damage. But we are in a brown out right now. Luckily this internet cafe is somehow open so we are just quickly getting some email time in and will try to find somehwhere that we can shop.
    This was a really great week. It was tough at the beginning and I was really starting to feel drained and like I have been in this area for just too long. So our trizone conference came just in time! President Balledos had really been preparing for this conference. Weeks in advance he had been giving us things to study in Preach my Gospel and other things to do in preparation. Sister Nott and I were also asked to give one of the workshops. The entire conference was focused on Chapter 10 of PMG which is teaching skills. We also focused on how to utilize our missionary daily planners. It's funny because teaching is something we do every day and of course our planners are something that we use every day. So you would think that we would be pretty magaling (talented/good at) in these areas. But this conference helped me to realize just how much I can improve in these areas!
    I wish I could explain the entire conference but it was so well done. There was something I learned with each minute but to summarize it all. I realized that I needed to be striving more to be a 24/7 missionary. I had been going most days being pleased with being a 10-12 hour missionary. After getting home from proselyting, I would enjoy just sitting in my chair doing nothing for as much as 30 minutes because of being so tired haha. But the Lord hasn't given me 10-12 hours a day to be a missionary. He has given me every hour of ever day of 18 months to be His missionary. At some points in the conference I found myself thinking that President was asking too much of us. He introduced new ways to set goals and teach lessons and I thought that it just wouldnt be possible to do what he was asking of us. But the thought came to me that if I decided to use every hour to it's fullest, it might actually be possible.
    Sister Nott and I applied the things we learned right away and saw such success! We found 9 new investigators this week, 8 of which we found after the conference which was on Friday. We also were able to extend a baptismal invitation to the Cases family and they accepted! It was the most progress we have seen in the area this transfer. God has seen our desires to repent and change and because of our hard work, he has blessed us for it! Oh and real quick about the Bambas, their baptism was supposed to be Saturday but Brother Bamba didn't get the priesthood until yesterday, so he will be baptizing them this Saturday instead! We are so excited for it and they are even more excited! That's all I will have time to share this week. I love you guys so much! Please pray for the people who are in more danger as typhoon Luis continues. Love you!
Sister Sawada

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