Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Magulo Pa Rin!

Hey everyone!
    Sorry this email will be way short because I am chatting with you mom which is so great! It is making me so sooo happy :) But this was a great week! Most likely my last full week here in Baguio. And now I am a little more than sure that my time has come to transfer. I am one of the few missionaries here in the Baguio zone that has been in Baguio for 6 months and the rest are all 4 1/2 or less months out here. But anyway I will find out for sure this week Wednesday and if I am transferring, I will transfer on Thursday.
    This week was a little different with another typhoon hitting our area pretty strong, we were told to stay inside for Friday evening and all of Saturday and even the church attendance on Sunday was a lot less than usual. And since Saturday was such terrible weather, the Bamba's baptism will be postponed yet another week :( but they are only getting more prepared and excited as these weeks go by so that's great haha.
     My teary eyed moment for this week came when Brother Bamba and Stephen came to church even though most people used the weather as an excuse not to come and Benilda has the chicken pox. They came! Then, since brother Ben received the priesthood last week, we was asked to bless the sacrament. He went right up to the stand, shaking people's hands on his way up, and sat there with such confidence! Enough to bring a couple tears to my eyes. He said the sacrament prayer flawlessly and just solidified my testimony of the Priesthood and the power that it really holds. I love this gospel! I have seen it bless my own life and now I get to introduce it to others to have it bless them as well! We had some other great lessons this week including with the Cases family but they still haven't come to church :/ I hope that will change! Well I have a lot of pictures to send to you guys and am running out of time. I just hope you all understand how blessed it can be to have a knowledge of the truth, and then to act upon it. There is nothing better that we could do in this life. I love you all! Have a great week! I will most likely be emailing you from my new are next week! Bye!!
- Sister Sawada

P.S. Congratulations Chloe Kava on your mission call!!! I am so so sooo proud of you and happy for you! I know you will not regret this decision no matter how hard it may get. Email me! Also, Aunty Cathy thank you so much for your letter and the pictures of Cassie's wedding! She and Christy and everyone else in the pictures look so great and so happy! And by the way, yes we eat so so many papayas here! I actually buy a big papaya all for myself each week because it is my favorite to eat for breakfast and sometimes for dinner! That is so funny you would ask about that specific fruit because it is probably my favorite here. Also frozen bananas...jac ;)

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