Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Maligayang Pasko at Isang Maligayang Bagong Taon!

  Oh man I hope know one who knows Tagalog reads the title to this email because I am pretty sure that is some broken Philippino haha. But it's supposed to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And it truly has been a Merry Christmas here in San Juan!
     As Sister Tanner and I did our weekly planning for last week we were thinking that it wouldn't be a very successful week. We thought that we wouldn't be able to teach anyone because of the holiday. Although these were realistic thoughts, we decided to try are hardest to change those thoughts! To instead just be determined to teach as many people as we could! We decided that we would just talk to everyone we passed because we needed people to teach! We truly saw blessings from this change of attitude. We have had a rough couple of weeks haha. But I know that the Lord saw our change of attitude and blessed us for it. He blessed us for having the faith in Him to prepare those who we were passing so that when we opened our mouths to talk to them, He really did fill them with what we should say. Here are some great experiences from this week!
     Toward the end of the week after really just trying to work our hardest and talk to everyone we saw, Sister Tanner and I were leaving our apartment to go to an appointment, and we ran into Gabi. He is the nephew of one of the members in our ward but he is not a member. The only other interaction I had with him was when he slowly rode his bike passed us late one night completely drunk and smelling like he hadn't showered in a couple of days. But this time when we saw him he practically came right up to us and just started talking about how he wants to change. We were kind of speechless and just told him how we know that God wants him to change too and we can help him with it! haha. He hesitated though because he says he doesn't feel clean enough yet to read the Book of Mormon or to meet with us sisters. He doesn't quite understand the way that repentance work does he? :) We must first "Come unto Christ" then we can be "perfected in Him". We don't need to/can't come to Him already perfected. So that's Gabi! We are planning to visit him this coming week and help him with this change he desires!
     Another blessing was Sunday morning, we had a text from Jeff an investigator who I have only met once. He is really busy with work and yeah. So he texted saying he was in San Juan for Sunday and he wanted to come to church! He has never come to church before! But of course we were stoked out of our minds and quickly got ready and walked by his place to pick him up and bring him to church! He stayed for all three hours and really seemed to enjoy it all! After he said that he would like to come next week! There are so many exclamation points in this paragraph but this doesn't usually just happen! At least not to me yet haha. It just strengthens my testimony so much on how essential church attendance is in our lives. There is a huge difference between the investigators who come to church and who do not. So let's all go to church people!
     Dang I have quite a bit more I want to share but I will try to save it for next week! I need to take the time now write an email to the best mom in this world :) I will send it in a seperate email but I just want everyone to know how lucky I am to have the mom that I have. I owe her so much and she has been an amazing example to me in so much but especially in my growth in this gospel. She is truly a disciple of Christ and I could not be more grateful for her in my life. Happy Birthday Mama!!!!
      Love you all tons! Miss you all! Take care and until next week!

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