Monday, December 16, 2013

Photos :)

This is the bishop's daughter just chillen with a palaka (frog). She found one while we were cutting weeds in a service project and wrapped a string around it's neck and was carrying it around like a yoyo or something haha. It was still alive too! The toys in the Philippines, a little different.
 This is Brother Leonel our sort of ward mission leader/ym president/waiting for his mission call guy. This was the Stake RS and Priesthood social. We were turning him into a Christmas tree. Such a fun party!

Did I send this? So last time I sent pictures, I was carrying a chicken. The very next day, I was eating a chicken's foot :( We went to a sari sari (mini store thing) to get some home made halo halo yummm and they offered us bbq for 4 peso lang! Thats like a dime! So we were like okay show us the money. And they sure did. Chicken foot is no meat, straight cartalidge and bone haha I don't understand the appeal. But at least now I can say I ate chicken foot...sort of. I fed most of it to the stray dog that was running by haha.
 This is an area that we walk through. Isn't it gorgeous? It is actually totally through a ton of people's property but the nice thing about the Philippines is you can really just walk through whoevers property to get where you want to go. Great for missionaries!

 This is kasama ko and I hahaha. When someone is baptized, the missionaries like to give a little collage of pictures including their baptism pictures and pictures of their missionaries. So we just so happened to buy mathching leggings and decided to take jumping pictures on the beach. Pretty great right? I also realized that I have not said like anything about kasama ko. So kasama ko si Sister Tanner. Taga Kaysville Utah. She is pretty much the taller, whiter version of me. No joke. Since we are so similar, we really get along most of the time. Pero sometimes since we are so similar we butt heads. But I could not dream of a better trainer. She is so patient with me. We are so often on the same thinking track and it's really nice that I don't have to really complete any of my sentances. She already knows what I'm thinking! I don't know why I've been so lucky with compaions so far but I am scared for when I don't get so lucky haha.

This is Kathleen! Finally took a picture with her and Josh her son! She looks a little funny in this picture. She is so gorgeous and her hair was blonde when I first met her, then she changed it to blue, and now back to blonde again! She is so fun. We can't wait for her to meet a good mormon man to marry :)

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