Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 6

I really say this every week now but time is going by so so fast. It's kind of scary!
     I used to count down the days until pday but now I don't need to! Seriously before I know it pday is back and another week has gone. I am finishing my first transfer this week! I heard that the first transfers are always the longest so I can't even imagine how fast time is going to fly from here on out.
     This email will probably be a little shorter than usual because I finally got to chat with the family! It is so so nice. Now that December has commenced and Christmas music/decorations are all over the place I am really thinking about my family a lot. It is always nice to hear from them. I love all the pictures especially!
     So this week was a great learning week for me. I am still figuring out how to not get discouraged when things in the day do not go as planned. I am also learning a lot about my companion. And lastly, I am learning how to have the spirit with me.
      This week there were many missionary activities and things that kept Sister Tanner and I from working as much as we wanted to. We had a district meeting on Tuesday that went late and then an additional zone meeting for another hour or so. They were great meetings. We actually learned about our progress on our zone goals and we are improving so greatly. It was really exciting to hear. Our zone is really unified and so much fun. I love them and my district a lot. So I love when I get to see everyone. But it is hard to see so much time go by and we don't get to work until 2 or so hours later than we hoped. But once again, I am learning to be patient with this and to realize that getting stressed about it won't do anything. In the MTC Elder Loitz would always say sarcastically, "I heard crying about it helps" when any of us would complain haha. And it is so true, complaining/stressing doesn't do anything good.
      Sister Tanner and I have gotten to know each other better and better with each day! She is teaching me a ton and I still have a long way to go with humbling myself and brushing off the small things. But some great things about her are that she has a great sense of humor. She loves youtube and is sooo good at mimicking so I just ask her to quote any video and I can imagine it perfectly because she sounds just like it hahaha. We laugh all the time. She wants to work hard just like I do. We have real hope for our work here. Unfortunately time just seems to be slipping out of our hands like water and we don't know where to find more of it! But we are doing our best.
       My oh my I don't think I can even begin to express my feelings about the spirit this week. There aren't the words that can express enough how important the spirit is in this work that I am doing, that we are all doing as missionaries. We need it with us always. It is sooo necessary. And this week for some reason I was really struggling to feel the spirit's influence in my life. So I was lucky enough to have some extra time after lunch one day and just read my scriptures for as long of a time as I could. And that day was a major improvement. Satan is doing everything he can to keep us from the gifts that God has given us. But through prayer and scripture study we can gain those gifts back and that is when we are the happiest. I know that to be true.
       Happy Thanksgiving by the way! And happy December! In the Philippines Christmas is celebrated during all the "ber" months so there have been Christmas decorations and lights up since I have been here. But now that December has begun things are becoming even more Christmas and I love it! Unfortunately Christmas is a huge party time here in the Philippines which means food food and more food. Not so great for a missionary trying to keep her figure or whatever of it remains haha. But that's okay. Let us all press on haha. Well I think this is all for this week! Not too many specific experiences pasensiya. But hopefully next week I can share some! Love you all! Take care! Keep praying and finding ways that you can grow closer to Christ and progress every day. 
Love love love,
Sister Sawada

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