Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Kumusta everyone and Happy Mother's Day!
   Today has already been a great day because I was able to call you mommy :) And I'm glad I was able to talk a bit more about this area but I'm excited to share more in detail especially about this week!
   There's a song that we listen to from some EFY soundtrack called...I'm actually not sure what it's called but I would guess it's called "That's What Faith Can Do" or "I've Seen Miracles". Anyway I am pretty sure the song talks about being on a mission and how as missionaries we see miracles happen. This week can testify to the truth of that.
    As I explained to you mommy last week Sister Quiban and I were really struggling on keeping focused on our work here. This is the longest she has been in an area and I don't know what was wrong with me haha I was just focusing more on thinking about home than what was right in front of me. So we took the time Monday night to talk about what we needed to do to get refocused this week. We decided we would do our best to resist all distractions and also work on being exactly obedient. The very next day we saw the Lord being to pour his blessings out on us! We saw His hand in our work every single day. There were things that happened that could not have been a result of the work of two imperfect sisters. God was with us. 
    This week we have started teaching 3 new families! I wish I could share about them all but I'm going to focus on the Bamba family. A couple of weeks ago Sister Quiban and I had a while before our next appointment and decided to do some finding. We were passing a sari sari store and saw a woman in their with her child. We smiled at them and we really didn't plan to stop and talk to her but her son called "hi" to us so we went up and said hi back haha. We introduced ourselves and she was really nice. We asked if we could come back and share with her and she said yes! But the next couple of times we tried going back, she wasn't there. Well there was one time she was there, but then we saw her run away and her husband said she was gone. We decided to go back to her one last time but if we got punted again, we wouldn't go back. When we went back, she let us in and we got to share with her.
    We left the first lesson literally speechless. Before we even got to sit down she was already sharing about her childhood, her experiences with religion, and by the end of her talking for a good 40 minutes we learned that she has been searching for the truth. She goes to catholic mass every sunday because her husband is catholic but she doesn't like the fact that it is just 1 hour and her children don't get anything from it. She asked if there was a church that had a place where the children were taught. We just smiled and said yes. We couldn't stay for much longer after all that she had shared so we asked when we could come back. We went back and taught her about the restoration and the book of mormon. After we read the introduction she started crying. She told us that she doesn't know much. She doesn't have too many paniniwala (beliefs) But she was amazed to see that everything she did believe, was right there in the introduction. She looked at us and told us that she has been searching for people who have the same beliefs as her and she sees it in us. It was a tear fest after that haha but it was amazing how strong the spirit was. Their family came to church which was so exciting but so nerve racking. Brother Bamba is definitely more hesitant to accepting our message but in gospel principles class he asked question after question and luckily our teacher of that class is a super magaling recent RM and answered them all perfectly. We went to them Sunday night to see how their church expeirence was and they asked what was required for them to be baptized. Did I mention they have 4 children?
    There is so much more I want to share! But that will have to be all for now. I am not sure if this is as crazy to read as it was to experience, but all I can say is that I know that we have a Heavenly Father who is watching over us. He has a plan for each of us and I have been blessed this week to truly feel Him working with me to fulfill the plan He has for some of His children. I know that the same can happen to anyone else if they take the time to recognize their weaknesses and repent of them and then commit to change and ask the Lord for His help.
     I love you all so much! Once again happy mother's day to all those amazing mothers out there especially mothers of missionaries. I can speak for them all when I say that you played a part in where they are now and you deserve a great prize for that :) Hope you all have a great week! Take care and until next time,
Sister Sawada

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