Monday, May 26, 2014

Bagong Kasama!

    Opo, totoo nagkaroon akong bagong kasama! Yes it's true, I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Nott from Lehi Utah! Oh my goodness she is just like the greatest ever. I will be sure to include a picture we took earlier today. But first, thank you so much mommy for your email last week. This email especially hit me. Probably because it was about the family. But thank you for sharing your expeirences and it actually kind of related to the email that I sent last week di ba (right)? About how God truly does answer prayers and He is just so aware of us. We are so lucky to be His children!
    So lots happened this week considering it was transfers and Sister Quiban actually transferred. Akala ko (I thought but was wrong) that she would be my companion for two transfers! But it's alright because she is now in San Juan 2B. Yes, my old area! So I got to go through all my pictures and show her all the people she was going to be able to see and all the people she would need to work on haha. Actually I received some really sad news from San Juan recently. Brother Noto, the sweetest old man who built the hut outside for the missionaries to teach him, he passed away a few weeks ago. Actually the day before Brother Leonel's farewell. I am not sure if I told you but Brother Leonel, the 22 year old recent convert who pretty much ran the san juan ward went on his mission to Bacolod in the beginning of May. But he and Brother Noto were like best friends and he passed away the day before Leonels farewell. Some other sad things like some strong members going less active have been happening and I am not sure why! But if there's anything I know about trials, I know that we are given them for a reason, and because we can overcome them. So I am sure that Sister Quiban is doing great things down there.
      As for the work up here, it keeps on rolling! Sadly the Bamba family could not come to church this week. Their children all had colds. Everyone up here including me is getting sick because of the bipolar weather. It will be pretty stinking hot in the mornings and then it rains and gets so cold in the afternoon and evenings. No good! The Limbauan family once again did not come to church :( but they once again told us they will come next week. We sure hope we can do what we need to to make sure that happens! Not much new has been happening. We continue to work our very hardest here. Maybe I'll just get to pictures now! I hope you all had a great week and have an even better one this coming! I love you all! Take care!
Love, Sister Sawada

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