Monday, May 5, 2014

Ulan, ulan, and more ulan

Kumusta everyone!
    Thank you again everyone for your loving and entertaining emails. Waking up on pday is seriously like a mini Christmas each week haha. For some reason last night Sister Quiban and I totally lost track of the time and ended up not getting to sleep until 10:45. For me, this was devastating because every minute that we get to sleep is so precious to me. And when I woke up this morning I could seriously feel the difference of that 15 minutes! My eyes were puffier than usual haha. But then I remembered that it was the day that I would get to hear from all of you and had no problem hopping out of bed and saying my prayer to get the day started.
    Mommy the substitute job sounds like it's teaching you a lot! You are so amazing to be working with kindergarteners all day and I hope that everything is going well. Justin and Mimi congrats on the new adventure of real estate! I am praying that it will be a success and admire your hard work. I am so lucky to have such great examples in you to follow.
    Ulan, ulan, and more ulan or rain, rain and more rain! Grabe ang ulan dito! (The rain is crazy here) Rain season isn't supposed to be coming for another couple of months but apparently summer here in Baguio is also rainy season. It is pretty scary how hard it can rain and the thunder and lightning are going off all the time! But anyway let's get into the week!
    To be honest I am exhausted and am really not sure what to share. So maybe I will just send some pictures. I am not sure if I have really described my new area too well so these pictures should help. Baguio is much more Americanized than the low lands where I was dati (formerly). People have iphones, babies have diapers, and there are cars everywhere! It was quite the adjustment at first and still now I miss a LOT about the lowlands. But I have found so many things up here to love and I am grateful to be here. Of course, there is a reason I am here. If there is anything I learned this week it is that God is so so aware of us. He is aware of our wants and our needs. And when our wants and needs are not the same, he knows which one to give us and at what time. I love that there is someone who watches over me so carefully and I can promise you all that He watches over you just the same. Let's remember that this week and do our best to have our actions be actions that would please our Heavenly Father.
Until next week! Love love love,
Sister Sawada


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