Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
    I could literally translate that into Tagalog but I don't think it would be the actual way that people say it here because they all just say it in English! haha. But happy happy father's day to all of the fathers and especially to the best father in this world, Yorihiro Sawada :) I will send you your very own email daddy but thank you so much for all you have done for our family and for me personally. Nothing makes me happier and makes me feel more secure than knowing that the father of our family is a worthy priesthood holder who guides us and sets an example for us all to follow.
    This leads me into our week! As our focuses this week continued to consist of the Bamba family and the Limbauan family, it was reinforced to me just how important fathers are. Brother Limbauan has expressed that he knows that he is the key to his family. They all are under his direction. When he isn't progressing throughout our visits, the whole family will not progress. Also Brother is the one who decides whether or not the family will go to church. Since his testimony is not yet solid, their church attendance is random and holds them back from learning and feeling all of the things that they can learn and feel at church.
     So sorry if last week I seemed a little negative. But good news, this week was a great improvement! So as I think I mentioned last week, we had not been in contact with the Bambas all week. I was getting stressed. As in not wanting to eat, or really do anything. I mean not wanting to eat is enough of a sign because I always want to eat haha. We had sent them texts every day and tried visiting them multiple times but they were never home or just wouldn't answer the door. Anyway after many many prayers not just from Sister Nott and I, but from other missionaries here, ward members, and I am sure some of you at home, the Bambas finally texted us! Prayer works :) We were able to meet with them and we learned that something one of the ward members did had offended them. We were so sorry to hear this. Taking offense in this church is such a sad thing. But it is important for us to remember what President Uchtdorf said about how this gospel is perfect, but that the members and those striving to live it are not. It is so important that we don't mistake people's actions at church, for a doctrine of Christ's gospel. Also it is important for us to realize that people are being affected by the things that we do and say and to try our very best to emulate Christ in all that we do. Fortunately, we were able to clear up their concerns and things with the Bambas are back on track. They attended Stake Conference this weekend and we really think they enjoyed it. We are most likely moving their date of baptism but they still have the desire to be a part of this true church.
      The work continues to move along. Funny story: Sister Nott and I somehow ended up inside of a home after talking to a couple of teenagers. They let us in and then just left us in the living room. Slowly all of these people came out from back rooms and we find out that there are about 6 siblings all living together who are grown up and have their own families and they are all living together in the same home! We were able to get to know and share with 3 of them and hope to be able to go back and share with them all! As I say all of the time, Heavenly Father is watching out for all of His children. He can play a part in every single day of our lives if we let Him. Sorry there's not much new news but I hope everyone had a great week. I love you all!
- Sister Sawada

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