Monday, June 30, 2014

Maglingkod sa iba

Happy Almost July!
    I am not sure how I feel about June just flying by like that. But I guess you gotta let things happen and just make the most of every day. That's really what Sister Nott and I were able to do this week. Things have been a little stressful because we are getting new missionaries in our ward! There were 6 missionaries and now there will be 8! We are going to get Elders too which will be great because teaching men is often a problem and when your ward has Elders, they teach the men and they give us their women to teach. It's great teamwork. So the title for this email is maglingkod sa iba or serving others.
    So today is that last Monday of this transfer. It means two things, this week I will find out if I am transferring or staying here with Sister Nott for another 6 weeks. I really really hope to stay here. I am not ready to say goodbye to the area and the ward and especially Sister Nott!!! Things are starting to get really good for us and I hope we get another transfer to do some awesome missionary work. Also it means that today was our zone training and it was a great one! It was all about finding people to teach and we focused on finding through service. It fit perfectly for me and Sister Nott because we had the opportunity this week to do some service. We were walking along the road and saw a couple cutting down some trees and tying them up. We decided to help them! It was so much fun! We got to know them and they were so nice. They have 7 children and are very very poor. We were able to make a return appoitment with them and they were so open and shared so much with us. We really feel that it was because the way we introduced ourselves was as representatives of Jesus Christ who just wanted to serve them. We aren't gonna jump to the gun and say that they are some golden investigators, but I know that service is a super great way for not only missionaries to share the gospel but for members to as well!
     Also at church yesterday the Limbauans came again! The Bambas weren't able to but they told us why and besides that they are progressing really well. As you can guess neither of them were able to be baptized on the date we had set for them. But the Bambas have already reset theirs to July 12 and we are gonna need to work with the limbauans to set another one. Anyway some other investigators were able to come to church yesterday and they really seemed to enjoy it. I can't go too much into detail but it was a great weekend! I am sorry if this seems all over the place. Over all it was a great week! We saw progress in so many areas and had a way fun ward home evening that really helped encourage our investigators to come to church! I hope this new transfer I will be able to report more and more great things! I love doing this work and if we want to be happy, all we have to do is think about how blessed this gospel has made us. I hope everyone has a great week. Lyle you're the best for sending me world cup updates. Still no one here has even recognized the world cup to be a thing besides this little sign in a 7-11 in my area that almost made me cry haha. That's all. I love you guys! Take care!
Sister Sawada

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