Monday, June 2, 2014


    Another great week has come and gone! So this was the first full week that I had with Sister Nott and it was just such a blast. Tag-ulan is what they call the rainy season here. There was a rumor going around that rainy season comes later to Baguio but aparently that's a lie because rainy season is here. It's pretty much sigurado (for sure) that our skirts will be wet from top to bottom at some point in the day every day! We hear "basang basa" all the time now which means super wet haha. Because unlike the people who live there who just stand under waiting sheds until the rain stops, missionary work must go on so us two foreigners are the only ones walking through the pouring rain trying to get to someone who will let us in their home haha. It is pretty fun though to stop in a waiting shed that has some people waiting for the rain to lighten up and start talking to them and see if they would be interested in learning more from us. But for the most part rain is really tough to work in! 
     But since no unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing, of course some great things happened this week. We got to extend baptismal invitations to two families this week! The Bambas and the Limbauans! We extended to both of them for June 28 and they both accepted! Even better is they were both at church yesterday which means that they are really taking it seriously! We had a very open lesson with the Limbauan family earlier in this week. When we visited them on Tuesday night, brother wasn't there and the kids told us that he was out drinking. My heart dropped. The feeling in their home was like back to how it was when I first got to this area. Sister Limbauan was especially quiet and we just did our best to share a message that would strengthen her.
     So we went back to them a couple of days later and brother was there and we could tell he was feeling a little guilty. Well to make a long story short, we helped the Limbauans to see how much this gospel can bless their lives. How especially taking the step of baptism can bless their family. But it all starts with their faith. Brother Limbauan often shares about how he believes that what we are sharing is true, but we have noticed that he ends up doing nothing about it. A couple Sundays ago we had a great lesson in gospel principles about how most people say that faith is our belief in God and Jesus Christ. Which is totally true. But that's not all. Faith is our belief that leads us to action. As we all know, faith without works is dead. Luckily we were reminded of this lesson as we were teaching their family and we were able to share how taking action is just as important as believing. I think the spirit was able to testify that what we shared was true because they were at church yesterday and we really noticed a change in Brother's countenance.
      Life is such a bumpy road. But we can have confidence that as we walk forward in faith, we will be blessed and watched over. I hope this message was able to make sense! I really feel my english declining in correctness each day haha. Who knows if it's just because I'm getting lazy but I have the excuse of being surrounded by other languages :) I hope everyone had a great week! Things in Burnham are going great and I can't wait to update you all next week. I love you! Take care!
- Sister Sawada

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