Sunday, August 31, 2014

Maligayang Season ng Pasko!!!

This is Julia. Please make sure you read the post right after this one too. My mom was in Utah so we're giving you both messages today...sorry about the delay :)
Happy "Ber" month everyone!
    Today is the first of September which marks the official start of Christmas season here in the Philippines. It has got to be one of the greatest tradition they have here. They already have ornament being sold in the malls and mini Christmas trees! They don't have Halloween or Thanksgiving to get in the way of pure, Christmas celebration :) I have attached a picture that Sister Nott and I took a couple of months ago in anticipation of Christmas season haha. We are really stuck on this whole gangster thing...not sure why. Hope you enjoy!
     Other than that, this has been a really rough week. Sister Nott and I have been going from door to door getting punted and rejected. It's funny though because my attitude is better than some other weeks! It was almost satisfying getting rejected so many times. And the people here in the Philippines are so courteous, they never reject you directly. But this week, we finally experienced a man flat out tell us "No. I don't want." and it was so refreshing! haha of course him saying "yes! yes! please come back to visit me!" would be a lot more exciting. If only life were perfect.
      The reason I think I can still be satisfied with the way this week turned out was because we were still working our very hardest. We were literally running some days to try to get some more enthusiasm and energy for the work. And our positive attitudes have seemed to help with the few that let us teach them haha. The Bamba family is doing so so great. Brother and Sister both have callings now. Brother Bamba is preparing to receive the priesthood and we are planning him to be the one to baptize Stephen and Benilda! They have an official baptismal date for September 13 :) We are so so excited and confident that they are prepared. 
     The Cases family, the family who I mentioned in my last email are doing great as well. Unfortuantely their daughter got sick and they didn't come to church. But we are hoping they will come next week! The father of the family is so honest with us and we really appreciate it. He tells us it's hard to believe. Especially as we have been teaching him about our pre earth life and how we will still have a life after this one on earth, no matter how kind he is and how much he wants to take our word for it, he questions us and expresses how it's a difficult idea for him. It's perfect that he isn't willing to take our word for it because then we explained to him the power of prayer and personal revelation. People mistake revelation to be some huge thing that only really holy people can receive. But everyone is entitled to revelation or in other words communication from God. Feelings, thoughts, and things we read in the scriptures are the most common way God will give us revelation. He will give us an answer. What is important is our approach and our follow up. As we ask God our question or bring to him our concern, the Prophets have taught us how it is important to be specific, sincere, and faithful. Then after we have felt, thought of, or read the answer, then we need to act on it. It continues to show our faith and hope in God. I know this is true and as we shared this with Brother Cases, he seemed excited to take his question to God. We can all be excited to talk to God every day!
      Those are the main areas of progression from this week. I saw that Jules and Lyle made it onto wheel of fortune! What the!!!! I am so proud! I will seriously tell every one that I see. Even if it's not on tv here haha. Also, mama that looks like a way great trip you had to Utah. Brother's living in new heritage? I bet he's really gonna like it. It's so nice and new and a really good social place. I bet all of heritage is new heritage by now. That's crazy. Also, I received the package from the YW and from you guys. Thank you so so much. It was so great to hear from all of you and I am working on letters to write in response :) Hopefully they will get to you in a month or so haha. That's really all I have to report this week! I love you all. My love for everything seems to grow each day. We are just so lucky to be children of our Heavenly Father who has made a perfect plan for us.
       The last picture I have attached is of Sister Galera and I! She has transferred up to LaTrinidad so we are way close! This picture was this morning at our combined zone activity. I really missed her so much! Well that's all for this week. Love you all so much! Have a great week and talk to you next week! Bye!
- Sister Sawada

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