Monday, August 18, 2014


Magandang hapon!
     Today was our zone training that we have at the beginning of each transfer and it was so good! We have a lot of new missionaries here in the Baguio zone. So yes, I am still here in Baguio! That means that I will hit my one year here and only be in my second area haha. But I think I remember mentioning to you guys how it has been my wish since the beginning of my mission to just have 3 areas. To be in each area for 6 months which would allow me to really dig deep in the area and get to know the people much better than I could in 3 or 4 months. My wish has been granted so far! And I think this last transfer here in Baguio is going to be the best. I am still with Sister Nott! We really have a great companionship going and we are ready to attack this new transfer. 
      Unfortunately this transfer is having a rough start considering three days this week we couldn't leave the house. A couple of weeks ago on exchanges I may or may not have slipped and fallen a few times. Since then my back has been really achy. I didn't think much of it and continued working. But last week it really got bad and we got it checked up. The doctor gave me some medication and told us to go back to him in a week if it doesn't improve. Tomorrow will be one week since we visited him and I feel like we are gonna have to go back to him. It feels the same and is swelling up now and then. So sadly, since we walk for about 7 hours a day Sister Balledos has recommended that we stay home. Not only that, but my amazing and caring companion has made it pretty much bawal (forbidden) for me to leave my bed haha. I'm actually not a huge fan of getting served so this has been a good humbling experience for me. But I am excited to see what we can get done when we go back to the doctor tomorrow to get back out working.
       Since we were home for most of this week, we don't have much to report. So I guess I will just share what I learned in our zone training kaninang umaga (earlier this morning) because it was sooo good! Sadly this transfer Sister Nott and I had to say goodbye to like our best friends in the mission. One of them is Elder Ete. I think you guys are familiar with him because we have been together almost my whole mission! He is my "dad" which is my first district leader. And he was for my first 2 transfers. Then when I came to Baguio, he came up as well and became my zone leader until now! Also, he is going home the same time as me!! I am so lucky because most missionaries parents go home pretty early on in their mission. It was sad saying goodbye to him but our new zone leader is Elder Masame. Another great friend of mine on the mission! It's funny how the rotation kind of works in the mission. You figure with transfers everyone gets scattered around but it ultimately turns into a rotation and those who you start out with, you kind of stay with, and there may be a few new people here and there. Which is fun, but sayang (kind of sad) because I love meeting new people! But anyway we were in San Fernando zone together before and now he's in Baguio. He gave the workshop today and it was really great.
      He started out by asking how the words, understand, agency, ask and faith relate to each other. He told us that they are all essential to ministering. What is the difference between teaching and ministering? We were all a little stumped but throughout the workshop we came to realize how ministering and teaching are relatable, but here on the mission and in life in general if you are trying to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ, you need to learn to be not just a teacher, but to be a minister as well. And then we watched this video called ministering! Can you guys watch it for FHE this week? It is so good. Elder Masame pointed out that the people in the video used the ALDT cycle as they went from home to home. ALDT stands for ask, listen, discern and teach. This is a great cycle for us missionaries but it can apply to anything important! Studying for school, gaining strong relationships, and sharing the gospel as member missionaries! Please watch the video and apply the things you learn! 
       Alright I really think that's all for this week. I am glad everyone is safe from the possible storms last week! I love you all! Have a great week! Please pray for our area and my back if you can :) Thank you! Until next week.
- Sister Sawada

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